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Skype for Android is one of the most famous apps being used across the globe nowadays. People like to stay connected to their loved ones through this fantastic communication app. It had several things to be improved or corrected. Finally, the app gets a major update which has renovated its user interface.

“You will also like to get the latest Skype for Android version 4.0 because it provides you a fresh way to communicate with your friends and family. The latest update carries this app to version 4.0 and brings lots of wonderful optimizations and changes.”

Users might get astonished to know that Skype for Android has absorbed many things from Windows 8’s Modern user interface. Derek Snyder is the head of mobile marketing at Skype and he has clearly said that new updated version of Skype will serve the mobile users first and foremost.

Skype for Android updated to version 4.0

They will bring the messaging to the forefront and this will turn this communication tool into a fantastic app. It means the mobile users will be obliged to get more efficient services on the go. Also the video quality has been improved to the better and you can take pleasure in video conferencing without any sort of problem such as distortion.


Snyder has unveiled that Skype for Android enjoys more than 100 million installs on Android devices and aims to continue growing its number of installations. By and large, users prefer Skype to get connected to their loved ones, colleagues and business professionals. One thing that could be a little bit uninteresting for the users is that the updated version of Skype Android is not available for Gingerbread 2.3.3 and higher.

We do not have any information when this updated Skype for Android will be available for iOS. Moreover, Snyder mentioned that this particular version will have a more unified design across all the mobile devices.

Have you got the updated version of Skype on your Android?

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  1. Ntd

    11/07/2013, 08:08 am

    Lots of articles on how lovely skype for android is. No use for the thousands giving it bad reviews. Works well on certain platforms. Some issues are not reading the instructions, but I have two androids running the same version of skype. On one the icon displays allowing me to call from my contacts, and onthe other it doesn’t leaving me with the functionality of a 1970’s phone typing in every number in full(my prefered device for skype). My experience of skype customer disservice is that their new child is perfect and so I obviously deserve a form letter with advice not relevant to my version.


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