Skype for Android Install it and Make Free Calls

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If you are using an Android Smartphone as well as you have a reliable internet connection or WiFi facility on your Android device and you are not using Skype on your phone it would be useless for you.

As we all know that Skype is the only popular software that is useing worldwide to make free Skype to Skype calls rather these are video or voice call and it also provide us IM facility to send instant messages and share files, videos and pictures.

Now the Skype for android is also available so you can install it from Google Play Store for free as well as the iPhone, Mac or PC version of Skype are also available on different platforms.

Now you can see your friends and family members with the help of webcams as it is not issue that where they are they just need a PC or a Smartphone with a reliable internet connection and most important is that Skype must be installed on their E-Device.

Features of Skype for Android:

  • You can make free IM and calls plus videos over 3G or WiFi.
  • There is also low-cost calls and SMS facility available to any other mobiles or landline number from your Android phone and tablet.
  • You just need to drag and drop files, videos and pictures to send them to your contacts.
  • You will have the option after call to record your views about the call

Android 2.2 devices will only have the option to run the software for rear-facing camera and the Smartphones having Android 2.3 and over version of OS will be able to use both cameras.

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