Siri For Android – Your Virtual Assistant

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siri android can take on your cell phone responsibilities

Siri for android knows everything from Celebrities to local businesses. The users have to perform numerous tasks on their Smartphones and this can become a little difficult to manage all of them.

Getting something quite helpful can be very constructive in this regard.

a??Siri for android helps to call/text friends, tells jokes, make humorous remarks and even find places. You can also update the Facebook and twitter account with its right assistance.a??

The app is knows called Skyvi on the Google Play Store, but provides the same earlier features for the facilitation of the Android community.

It is noticeable that the app is not perfect in itself. However, the developers are trying to make Siri for android a commendable app ever. Skyvi is now flourishing on the App Store due to its fair features and user-friendliness.

The app has already earned 4.5-Star review and expected to shine with 5-Star one soon. Though there are myriad estimable features that make the application prominent. Nevertheless, a few good ones are mentioned below:

Key Features:

  • Get directions
  • Voice Texting
  • Fun Chats
  • Tells jokes
  • Witty Remarks
  • Call Contacts
  • Quickly find places
  • Local time and weather
  • Play Music
  • Text by Voice
  • Ask any question using your voice
  • Update Facebook or twee with your voice

These were among some of the most outstanding functions provided by Siri for android. You might have tried lots of other virtual assistant apps to make your work easier and could not get the desired results as per your expectations.

Say no to uneasiness as Siri for android knows your problems and delivers the best solution to all of your issues.

Note: The original Siri was removed from the Play Store and now Skyvi has taken its place.

Now, you will get the improved services with faster startup and fixed sound problems.

Free download Siri for android (Skyvi).


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