Shipwrecked Android App Getting Prestige on the Google Play Store

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ShipwreckedWould you like to play the Shipwrecked for free?

Of course, you must…

Now, you can discover all the secrets of lost island and make yourself a daring personality. Just build a new civilization for your other party members who are stranded. You should be responsible enough to complete this task in a less time period.

Magic, romance and adventure awaits as you discover the mysterious jungle, hidden secrets and build an impressive beach paradise.

Is not it great to do all that?

Yes, it would be a wonderful experience for you to enjoy the real fun of Shipwrecked.

One thing that you must not ignore while wandering on the island is that you are not alone here. There are lots of other creatures who may be harmful for you. So, it is imperative to take care of yourself along with your buddies and team members.

Things that you can enjoy in the Shipwrecked:

  • Race to discover hidden treasures
  • Turn the deserted bay into a flourishing community
  • Discover the lost civilizations
  • Explore the inexplicable jungle for paranormal artifacts

Shipwrecked Most of the players love doing all these things as such entertainment could be very difficult to find somewhere else. That’s the reason why Shipwrecked is getting great esteem on the Google Play Store.


The amazing thing about shipwrecked is that it’s totally free and you do not need to pay anything for playing the game. However, you must pay some bucks in order to enjoy some special items to employ in the game.

Another thing which is of great importance is debugging the game. You need to use the log permission in order to debug Shipwrecked.

By and large, the game is not difficult to play as you can enjoy the amazing features of Shipwrecked without getting stuck into any trouble.


Hit the Google Play button below and get the app on your android device.

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  1. help needed

    01/14/2013, 10:08 pm

    Must have google market to buy items for shipwrecked game . . .any idea how to add market to a d2 android tablet ?


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