Shazam Android Update Brings Tablet Support and Overhauled UI

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Shazam Android is very famous among people from all around the world. It is one of the best music utilities available on the app market. It has just obtained a major update and bumped to version 4.0. This hottest version brings an entirely fresh user interface with smooth transitions and gesture controls.

Shazam Android Update

Shazam Android Update1

Users now will also get suggestions on purchasing the music albums based on their previous search terms. This is an exciting feature that would facilitate the purchase of the desired songs or albums. So if you used to spend hours in searching for the required album, then from now onwards you will not have to do so. It has been made quite simpler to find and get the favorite music with Shazam Android.

The application is very famous on the Google Play Store especially among the music lovers as they keep downloading the albums using this wonderful app. The recently evolved update also brings a chance to see a large album artwork and an option to buy it from Amazon, instead of Google Play.

Another immensely important addition is the tablet support. People using different sorts of tablets had to face several problems in using the Shazam Android, but now it has been fixed. The app now offers a good process on tablets. There is no need to go anywhere else to get the updated version of this beautiful app, because you can get it right here. Hit the download link below to grab the updated version of the Shazam Android app.

Shazam Android Free Download


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