Shadowgun DeadZone Multiplayer version available

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The new beta version of Shadowgun DeadZone is available for multiplayer. The game is available only for Teger 3-powered devices. Now the beta version of this thrilling game is available for free. These are the features you can get in this multiplayer version of this great gaming app.

  1. There are 4 players available to choose in the game named Assassin, Dancer, Soldier and Mutant
  2. You can play one mode out of two game modes named DeathMatch and Zone Control
  3. Assembly Hall and Invasion maps can be chosen to make it more exciting

A large number of weapons are available in different places and different kinds of fights are as follows:

  • Vega (Attack Rifle)
  • Osog (Sniper)
  • Bandit (SMG)
  • ShtStorm (Rocket Launcher)
  • Big Boy (Machine gun)
  • Spate (Plasma Rifle)
  • Mace (Shotgun)

As well as you will be able to use different type of gadgets while playing Shadowgun DeadZone for different purposes. Such like you can use FlashBang, EMP Grenade, Sprint, Medi Kit, Ammo Kit and Frag Grenade, Sentry Gun, Mine.

However according to some Facebook pages it is expected that some more new characters will be added soon in the game app that has been not included yet. The review portion of Google play shows that the game is going to popular among the thrilling game lovers as there are a large number of positive reviews on the Google Play site as people are liking it’s working  and graphic styles.

Get ready to take a try of this impressive game on your android phone after installing it from Google Play store by clicking the given Google Play button, hope it will be a great experience for you to play this exciting Shadowgun DeadZone.


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