Selfies Camera App for Capturing and Sharing Self-shots

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Trend of taking selfies is getting popular all around the world because number of smartphone users are increasing day by day. Most of you guys must have a phone or tablet with front facing camera.

“Selfies Camera App lets you double the fun of taking self-shots and that without any hassle.”

So if you really wish to bring a new change into your regular selfies, then this particular app can be proved helpful at all stages.



Sometimes it happens that we cannot share the captured image immediately. This is because the unavailability of the right app or utility do not let you do things that are trying to do.

With selfies camera app you can take pictures of yourself and the loved ones without getting concerned about share.

As far as the regular camera app is concerned, it opens the rear facing camera as a default. On the other hand, you can get the front facing cam opened whenever click the camera icon. In this way, you will not have to switch between the front and rear snappers.

The Selfies Camera App does not only lets you hold the precious moments the way a user like, but also allows quick sharing on the social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Moreover, a user can also take advantage of sending slefies through text messages, Email or simply get a hard copy through printer.

All the captured images will be directly stored to your smartphone’s phone gallery. Therefore, you can access them whenever and wherever you want. This is how this stunning camera app brings convince and choice to one’s life. If you are still messing with the regular app, then try getting the one that can deliver the best performance as per your expectations. The download does not take more than a minute.

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