Royal Revolt Android App Review

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Royal revolt android app review

Royal revolt is one of those wonderful apps that earn a good prestige on the Play store. Ita??s a T-defense game offering fantastic features. Although everything on this stunning app is impressive, yet 3D graphics play a vital role in its popularity.

You can easily play the game due to intuitive touch controls. Royal Revolt is perfectly suitable for the users who like to lead others. So, now you have got an opportunity to lead the soldiers and defeat your gluttonous relatives.

Greedy ones deserve harsh beat because they have stolen the precious throne of your father. The game is not difficult to play because it has been designed in a way so that even the novices can play it well.

You need to utilize the touch sensitive controls simply to direct the troops. Remember, they do not know how to go forward. Ita??s all up to you to use the battle magic for healing or destroying. The app also offers upgradable options for its users.

A?So, you can easily upgrade the knights, spells and heroes to add more charismatic feeling to the gameplay. If you dream for becoming a real king, then this is the right opportunity for you. After conquering all the 30 castles, you can become the emperor.

The Story

The story line of royal revolt revolves around the son and his father. The son is a prince and better knows how to take the revenge. After getting the basic education, the son is back to his fathera??s land. Everything is completely changed now due to the avaricious people.

They all want to take hold of your fathera??s property by hook or crook. Ita??s your turn to get back all the assets including the mega throne. If you are fully determined to kick out the bastards, then do not waste your precious time and take a quick step to resolve the issue.

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