Rail Rush – Rushing to Your Device

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Rail Rush – Rushing to Your Device

We have amused with lots of wonderful android apps till date and found them really helpful in passing our free time. From arcade to racing, users have installed almost every type of gaming app on their Smart phones and tablets.

“Rail Rush is an exclusive & powerful app which is made to bring speed into your android life.”

Are you ready to see the epic adventure on your phonera or tablet?

These madly fast rails never know the limits and begin toward their destination swiping and tilting to stay away from the hurdles.

In order to make the Rail Rush more interesting and enthusiastic, players are required to collect precious gems or stones. The luck stones and gold nuggets will be very auspicious to increase your lives. They also cause power ups when you are about to lose the game.

Remember, only enthusiastic players have the ability to win the game by passing through all the obstacles and gathering the valuable items lying on the way. Never compromise on the speed of rail because it is not going to slow down.

No brakes are there on the rail, so be efficient throughout the entire gameplay and show your efficiency to earn more points. This adventure will take you to an unexplored land where you can begin a new fun life.

Rail Rush Features:Rail Rush

  • Cool power ups
  • Marvelous graphics
  • 4 dissimilar characters
  • Action packed gameplay
  • Game statistics
  • 6 different explosive environments including some special ones
  • Numerous achievements
  • Online head boards

6 stunning environments including waterfalls, dead cities, waterfalls, mushroom halls, caverns and spider nests gives you entertainment beyond your imagination. There are also some impressive surprise levels for extra enjoyment.

Now, you must be getting nosy to travel inside the mines. If I am ready, then you can download the Rail Rush android app from the Google Play link given below.

Rush Rail





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