Punch Hero App Review – Experience Unleashed Boxing

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Punch HeroFree apps are in abundance on the android app market. You can download your favorite apps without facing any trouble. Today, I am going to talk about Punch Hero which an outstanding boxing app. This can be very advantageous for those who love boxing.

Game Evil introduced the Punch Hero on the iOS for the first time. After spending some time on the iOS, the game is now available on android world of apps. The app provides you unleashed fighting experience. Aggression, fighting and precision are some of the prominent traits of Punch Hero.

Every app has some of the great features for the best interest of its users. Similarly, Punch Hero lets you to pull down your friend’s pic from Facebook and beat him until you fed up. You can customize almost everything as per your requirements. This allows an interactive gameplay.

Punch Hero is much better than the other Boxing apps available on the android app market. Well, I like this app due to its mesmerizing features and here I am going to mention some of them.

Customize Your Character

Customize your characters easily using the preferences of your mind. Give yourself some cool and attractive shades to enjoy the lasting boxing experience. You can also change or modify the costume as per your interests.

Pumping Boxing Action

Deliver uppercuts, swift jab, hooks and many brutal knockout punches. This all can be enjoyed without facing any exasperation. So, hit your opponent wherever you like.

Add Your Own Face

You can add your own face to one fighter and add your friend’s to the opponent. This will give you a great entertainment for hours. Doing such type of customization will also enhance the fun experience for you.

Play in Three Different Modes

You can fight in three different modes. New challengers can fight with you in Arcade Mode, Pro Mode and Amature Mode.

To download Punch Hero, simply hit the Google Play button appearing below.

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