Prey App To Avoid Phone Theft

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prey app to ensure the safety of your phone

Prey App is one of the most helpful products to get ensure the safety of your precious devices. It is a cross-platform, open source anti-theft tracker that makes you feel perfectly safe. Now, there is no need to get panic due to the fear of loss.

The Prey allows you to keep a complete track of all the devices conveniently on a single place.

The Android version of this lovely application supports:

  • SIM change detection
  • Lock tablet/phone for privacy (2.2+)
  • GPS + Wi-Fi Geo-location
  • Loud alarm sound
  • Uninstall protection (2.2+)
  • SMS or Push activation (2.2+)
  • Alert messages to the users.

I think this is the must-have android app for every user because it helps in evade the unfavorable circumstances. No one would like to get its precious phone or tablet lost. Prey app can work well for the salvation of any lost device

android anti-theftIf you do not want to lose any of your valuable Smartphones or tablets, then do not compromise on downloading this beautiful application. A person has to face several troubles when one of his/her beloved gadgets gets lost.

Our phone is not just a device, but we have a close bonding with it. It brings various things together such as gaming, music, social interaction and business. Indeed, the entire communication model will come to an end in our life if we miss mobile phone. Thata??s the reason why people like to keep their valuable devices under lock and key.

Even if you have lost the phone, then Prey will provide you the perfect guidance to get it back. So, do not get concerned about your darling handset because the thief can never hide it anywhere.

The Prey app has several useful features to secure the devices of users without charging any fee. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store.


Free download Prey App for Android.


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