Pocket Snooker Android App Review


pocket snooker android app review

In general, people like craziness while playing games on their cell phones. Choice of entertainment vary from person to person as some of them like playing arcade style games while the others could be interested in racing cars. Whatsoever, here is a nice option if you need a clean and tidy gameplay on your Android screen.

Pocket Snooker android app is a stylish and simple game that offers insightful fun without putting you to boredom.”

It is a free version that you can grab from the app market without spending even a single penny. One of the significant things about it is the enchanting graphics and soothing sound. This really delivers what a user actually needs.

There are different levels offering gameplay on various locations. If you often find some spare time to spend, then the Pocket snooker android app can be the best way to kill your time. There is no scarcity of games relating to this genre, but the pocket snooker Android app has something special to offer.

snooker android

If you have been cheated with swindle apps, then say no more to embarrassment and grab the game to mesmerize your senses. Bear in mind that the game is worth playing time and again. It has got a 4.0 rating in the play store and enjoys thousands of downloads.  What I like the most about it is the space that it occupies on your device. You might get shocked to know that the game covers just 751K on your phone’s memory. This is what makes it light and efficient for Android users.

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  1. Peter

    10/14/2013, 09:47 pm

    I love playing this game, both physically and virtually. However, nice to see this on Android.


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