Play Store 4.0 Front Page Redesign Revealed

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Play Store 4.0 puzzle seems to be resolved as an image is leaked showing the final front page of the Google’s app store. An employee of YouTube known as Eileen Rivera has posted a screen shot of the concealed Play Store front page.

play store 4.0 redesigned image leaked on Google+

Google’s Android is incomplete without Play Store because users get a variety of apps from this app market. Almost every Android user accesses his/her favorite apps from Google Play Store.

The new design appears to be pretty attractive and simplified. It means you will be able to get the desired app with great convenience without spending hours in searching.

Critics declare the leaked image good except the action bar, which looks a bit horrible.

We appreciate this great effort of bringing the attractive and constructive Play Store 4.0 in front of general public. The developers have also done a wonderful job by designing such a useful interface for the Android community.

With improved User Interface, even novices can easily navigate and download their desired applications with no hassle. Eileen should not have posted this snapshot and she understood this fact after some time. After that, she removed the picture from her Google+ page and made her point clear.

However, we have posted the image above so that you can easily analyze the upcoming Play Store 4.0 and be a little bit familiar with the interface before it goes live. Each of the content section has got a new icon with flat view. One color design shows the simplicity and this would be loved by majority of the Android users.

One thing that really makes me feel awful is the “ugly pixel design”. You might also do not like this new, but odd improvement. I think some more work still is to be done with the action bar in order to make it worthwhile for real potential downloaders.

We would like to hear from you about the new redesigned Play Store. So, inform us with your thoughts to the reference of this post.

What do you think about the Play Store 4.0 redesigned interface?

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Source: AndroidPolice


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