PasswordBox Free for Android to Manage your Passwords

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Save your passowrds

Most people have multiple user accounts on the internet and it often becomes pretty disturbing to remember all passwords to access these accounts. You may have different social network profiles, email logins or other things to handle likewise.

It is great to have something that can assist you with your passwords as and when you need them.

PasswordBox Free is a wonderful app for Android users that lets you avoid problems of remembering the password. If you dona??t want to come across such issues at critical situations, then try this productive app that costs nothing.

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The app has received good feedback from renowned platforms such as CES 2014, Wall Street, PC MAG, USA Today, All Things D and more.

Password Manager Features:

  • Get your passwords right where you need them
  • Make new strong passwords and store them while you browse
  • Save your precious time with just a single tap
  • Secure SSL protects your important data while sync between different devices
  • Automatically stores your login information while you browse
  • Optional Pin Code Lock for the foolproof security
  • Password are encrypted with the help of AES-256
  • Secure password management and sharing, this will help you in sharing passwords with family and co-workers
  • All locked with a Master Password that is known to you only
  • Perfectly encrypted safe notes for susceptible personal info
  • Modifiable StartPage to access the most-visited sites
  • Auto-lock feature to protect against thefts
  • 20,000 recognized websites make it very easy to add fresh accounts to the StartPage

The app enjoys good ratings on the Play Store i.e., 4.3 and people love using this for their account safety. If you also have such concerns, then grab the passwordbox free app by hitting the download link given at the end of this post and start using secured passwords anywhere you want. Dona??t bother for checking budgets because ita??s all free.

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