OneDrive App for Android takes Your Stuff Everywhere

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Microsoft OneDrive

Storing your stuff online has become a trend nowadays as people like to keep their documents, photos and files online so that can be accessed at anywhere and anytime. We have different sorts of services that provide free and paid online storage including Dropbox and a few others.

OneDrive App for Android which was previously the SkyDrive brings you the chance to store and share your free online storage.

It has got some new features that would make the user experience quite interactive and easy. You might have many things in life to manage and share. Luckily, OneDrive app for android is for all such things. Make online storage and sharing far easier than ever. The app is now available for Android, allowing to store and share videos, photos, documents and more.

OneDrive camera backup

One of the most lovable features of the OneDrive App for Android is that you can access the stored stuff from phone, tablet, Mac or PC. In this way, you can get to the required data even If you are on the go.

OneDrive Highlights:

  • Open OneDrive files in other apps as well
  • Share files simply by inviting people, through sending a link, or sending files to other app
  • Browse all OneDrive files and the files that have been shared with you
  • Rapidly reach documents that have you have just opened

More features on devices running Android 4.0+:

  • Choose several files to download
  • Automatically upload videos and photos to OneDrive through Camera backup
  • Sort different files and folders
  • Enhanced support for working with the Office Mobile Android app, OneNote

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