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office jerk free

We can easily find a jerk in almost every office and everyone knows it quite well. There are some common habits found in such sort of employee. For instance, he comes to the office early, stays late and try to curry favor with the boss.

Do you want to take revenge on that specific person?

Yes, this is exactly possible with the office jerk free app. Grab anything you see in the front and throw it at that jerk. This will give you loads of fun and relaxation at the same time. Hurling a lot of stuff at him can make you laugh much louder than ever. Do not be anxious about what to throw because there are many things to use for this purpose.

Office Jerk

Get ready to try all the great stuff including Fire extinguisher, Fish bowl filled with gold fish, Zombie mask, Cheesy button, shiny red stapler, sloppy spicy taco, Stick a??O Dynamite, crumpled price of papers, suction cup dart, yummy cupcake with sprinkle, Soda pop, Sweet Vanilla Ice Cream Cone, Snappy Mouse trap and a lot more.

Now leta??s sum up everything with main highlights of the office Jerk free game!

  • Hit the Jerk harder with more than 30 crazy items.
  • Explore several environment reactions for everything you throw at the Jerk.
  • Complete daily challenges to make the gameplay more interesting.
  • Master the office Jerk checklist
  • Unlock hilarious reactions to get the most of the fun
  • There are many things to achieve throughout the gameplay
  • Earn daily rewards to gain the sense of accomplishment

There are many additional charismatic features that you must be willing to take pleasure from. The game needs 41MB of space to download and install your phone or tablet. So make sure you have the required free storage before you hit the download button.

Get it from the Google Play Store.


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