NIVIDA Project Shield Officially Revealed

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NIVIDA Project Shield official video of their new gaming zone has been released that was a pre-CES event in Las Vegas. This is a fantastic Android-powered handheld games comforts are put down exposed. You will find it an effective Project Shield machine is created from the ground up.

The pre-CES video by the company was an exciting A?moment for the action games lovers as the company just revealed that they are are going to launch NIVIDA Project Shield with a devoted Tegra 4 power-driven game of the hub.

The screen of the handheld gaming device is 7-inch clam handed gaming machine, with additional features of push button and small thumbs handles.

This NIVIDA gaming device is just like a normal wireless controller that have an easy to open flip-up screen. An extraordinary feature of the game is that we can use its both facilities first one is Gamepad controls as well as touchscreen can also use to find the way at Android UI.

Project Shield Features:

  • Packing a 720p multi touch display
  • Up to 10 solid hours of games
  • 24 hours of HD video
  • Full connectivity via standard ports
  • Great sound quality
  • 7-inch hand-hold device
  • Input and Output ports
  • HDMI, USB, MicroSD, audio jack


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