Moves for Android Keeps You Healthy by Tracking Your Motion

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moves for android keeps you healthy and fit

People like to be perfectly fit because it lets them enjoy the real taste of life. They like to perform different health activities in order to maintain good fitness. Some join sports center while some gets into fitness clubs. Apart from these sources, the majority of people like the activities like running, walking and cycling. For such sort of things, it is necessary to measure the distance that you have walked, ran or cycled.

a??Moves for Android is a good solution to your worries if you have been looking to track how far A?A?you run, cycle or walk.a??

I am amazed to see the authenticity and preciseness of this particular Android app. It uses the accelerometer in the back end to notice your moves. Thata??s the reason why it has been named moves.

move android

Though a number of things add to worth of this app, yet the most stunning element is its user interface. You will not have to face any difficulty while measuring your distance due to the simplicity and accuracy offered by Moves for Android. All the travel map can be recorded to portray a real picture of places that you have travelled. A downward stream gives comprehensive yet brief information about your journey.

Imagine you will not miss even a single spot that you visited while keeping the app functioning. We want you to have a look at the notable features and goodies.


  • Know places that you visit daily.
  • Automatic tracking of your daily cycling, running and walking.
  • Pedometer to count your steps.
  • Get an easy-to-understand storyline at the end of the day to know your health activities.
  • Route map lets you see paths you took.

Watching and observing your routine life will help you to boost up daily activities. This will definitely result into a healthy and vigorous lifestyle. Hit a break to find the grab link.

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