LED Light Fun Android App Review

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LED Light Fun Android App Review

Would you like to have fun with a little app?

LED Light Fun is very optimistic android application that inspires you to spend more and more time in playing it. We have played puzzle and racing games to rejoice our senses in the spare time.  The app offers numerous attention-grabbing features which include:

  • Digital Clock ( date, time)
  • LED display ( scroll text, static text, blink text)
  • Camera flashlight
  • LED touch display ( blink LED, static LED)
  • Police light with alarming sound
  • Flashlight widget
  • Random color lights

Due to such superb features, LED Light fun is equally famous among children, young and old people.

Have you ever imagined that your Smartphone is an LED display?

You can also write the LED light text and see its amazement. It is very user-friendly and allows you to change the text size, background color, text color, scroll text, blink, scroll speed, blink color and scroll way. All these adjustable options give you a free experience to enjoy.

LED Light Fun

The speed of the game is marvelous as there are no slow downs or hurdles. You will have a continuous entertainment without getting struck anywhere. Theme of LED light fun is outstanding and best for the user utility.


  • LED light fun is especially built for you.
  • The app gives confidence to play it time and again.
  • Flexibility of adjustments in different situations.
  • Plentiful features avoid tiresome.


  • LED clock should have been customizable
  • The drawing side of LED could be a little confusing

Though there are some negative sides of the LED light fun android app, yet it can be very entertaining for most of the users. The good news is that the app is available on the Google Play Store and Amazon app store absolutely free.


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