Iron Man 3 Game to Hit Android On April 5

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iron man 3 game is coming to android on April 25

Iron Man 3 is one of the most prestigious movies and cartoon series known at present. Not only the children, but mature people also take pleasure in enjoying this superb comic action. Today, we have good news for you guys.

a??Iron Man 3 game is coming to our dear Android on April 25 ahead of the movie release.a??

After a great success of Iron Man 3 movie and cartoons, the game is finally landing on the Googlea??s operating system. The days are not too far when we will be able to play this superb game on our Smartphones and tablets.

There are very few comic characters that get famous among the people within a short span of time. Iron Man is one of the most loved comic action heroes we ever heard about. Especially children like to read stories and watch movies based on such themes.

However, playing the official game of Iron Man 3 on Android device can be very amusing. Although the company has released many movie-related companion apps in the previous days such as The Dark Knight Rises, Spider-Man and Men in Black 3, yet people are waiting for the next one.

Let us remind you that the Iron Man 3 movie is going to hit theaters on May 3. Game loft is lucky to announce the official Android app on 25th April, ahead to film release. We can expect a lot of great respect for this tremendously excellent game.

If you are one of the action game lovers, then Iron Man 3 game is the right choice to fulfill your demands. Enjoy unlimited fun and action-packed gameplay without any hurdles as the game is expected to be completely user-friendly.

There is mum on the price and we cannot tell you anything false in this regard. Thata??s why you will have to wait until the company reveals some additional facts about the game.

Gameloft has shared the official trailer of the Iron Man 3 game through Twitter and you can check this out below.

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