Instagram Upgraded For Google Nexus 7

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The Nexus 7 tablet started its shipping previous Friday and third party retailers are selling this tablet with great enthusiasm. Unsurprisingly, instagram has been specially updated for the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Those who do not know anything about this gorgeous should not get anxious because I am going to tell them about Instagram for android. You may have used several types of apps on your android phone. Well, Instagram android is a fantastic photo sharing app that has been recently launched on the Google play.


You may be shocked to know that Instagram for android was recently purchased by the Facebook for about $1 billion. It is true that Instagram is not a special app made for the Nexus 7 because this tablet does not have a high quality camera. If you have observed the specifications of Google Nexus 7, then you must be aware of its 1.2 MP front-facing camera which is only made for video chat. Despite of the normal quality camera, Instagram can be used with this tablet to perform various types of tasks.

The good news about updated version of Instagram android is that it also brings some Flickr sharing capabilities for the users of Nexus 7. I would not be wrong if I say that Instagram has become one of the most prestigious photo sharing apps on the android market. It may not be possible for any other app to achieve such a great success over the app market.

Instagram is currently available on different app stores but, Google play is often approached to get this gorgeous photo sharing app. Furthermore, Flickr updates will help you more to enjoy its features with great eagerness. One thing that must be observed by the android user is that Instagram is only supportive for the android versions above 2.2. however, jelly bean android 4.1 is the latest android version. So, Instagram can provide best support to Nexus 7 in order to serve you in the right way.

To download this fantastic app, click Instagram.


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