Hotmail for Android Phones

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Hotmail for android

Hotmail for android is an official app from Microsoft mobile. It provides you easy access to your Hotmail account whenever you need to check out any email. Features of this android app are just tremendous for every android user. Here I am going to mention some key-features of Hotmail for android. This fantastic app provides you synced contacts and calendar. You can easily see the folders in Hotmail along with sub folders.

You can get messages on your android phone with a single email push. This provides easy access to every new email message. It is quite troublesome with other apps to send and receive files. However, Hotmail for android offers you complete freedom to send and receive pictures or any other files simultaneously. I know it’s very upsetting when an attachment cannot be attached timely. No worries, now users can easily attach required files with Hotmail for android.

You may be thinking that it would be quite difficult to use different features of Hotmail for android. If so, then reality must be opposite to your imagination. You can have easy access to all folders such as trash, sent, Inbox, junk or any other custom folders. If you face any hindrance in executing a specific operation with Hotmail for android, then you should refresh the page and try again. This trick will surely help you to come out of such types of troubles.

Hotmail for android is fully supported with android 2.1, 2.3.3 and 4.0

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