GTA Vice City Android Available on App Store

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GTA Vice City Android

Would you like to get back to the precious 1980’s?

Yes, GTA vice city android is back again to mesmerize your senses. It could be a little hard to find a person who has not played the Grand Theft Auto vice city. Almost every desktop user prefers to enjoy this tremendously superb game.

“After entertaining you on the personal computer, vice city is ready to run on the Android devices.”











With state-of-the-art graphics and various impressive levels, the game offers you something pretty different from other games. That’s why it is called the king of amusement all around the world. You can wander around and do whatever you want to as there is no one to stop you.

Security agencies might try to create some hurdles in your way but, extraordinary empowerment can help you to tackle anything, anytime. The Unique character of this game cannot be found somewhere else. You can try various interesting tricks to add more to the fun.

GTA Vice City

High-resolution graphics make this game perfectly fit for the mobile devices. Updated controls and lots of additional features are waiting for you to come and start the real action.

Prominent aspects of GTA vice city android include the following:

  • Fresh, accurately tailored graphics, lighting effects and character models
  • Gigantic campaign with innumerable hours of lovely gameplay
  • Flawlessly upgraded targeting and firing options
  • Tailor your imaginative experience with modifiable graphic settings
  • Custom controls with completely customizable layout
  • Integrated with fascination tactile effects
  • Easily compatible with USB gamepads and MoGa Wireless controller
Vice City Android

The developers of this classy game know that people belonging to diverse parts of the world understand different languages. That’s why this GTA vice city android application supports German, English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Korean, Italian and Russian languages.

You just need to spend $4.99 to grab this game on your Android device.

GTA Vice City Android





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