Granny Smith Android App Review

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Granny SmithGranny Smith is a marvelous fun app from the creators of Sprinkle. Android users always wish to see colorful scenes on the screen of their Smartphone or tablet. This specific app provides you an opportunity to bring unlimited fun to your device.

People have various sorts of apps on their phone because they have different choices. However, Granny smith is an app that you must have. Sprinkle crew has made this app extremely entertaining for the entire Android community.

You might get bored of playing an app for some time. On the other hand, Granny Smith guarantees hours of entertainment without making you feel awkward. You can play the game several times a day. Mostly, users prefer getting those apps that are available free of charge.

Granny SmithGranny Smith is one of the Android apps that can be obtained in nominal amount. You can easily get this fantastic app on your phone by paying just $1.07. Don’t get concerned about the money because the fun you will get from the app has great worth.

Granny Smith is always worried about her Apples because bewheeled thief steals them. She has to take care of her garden so that the thief can be obstructed. It is an interesting game that lets you enjoy throughout the whole complete gameplay.

“Would you like to help Granny Smith in saving her beautiful Apple Garden?”

Granny Smith

There are numerous people who love to play this game due to its lovely theme.

Granny Smith Android App Features:

  • Spectacular Physics due to the crash of windows and crates. See the pieces flying in the air.
  • Intuitive controls help you to play the game without any obstacle. There are no several buttons to control the activities of Granny. Only two simple buttons provide the best control to enjoy the game.
  • Dazzling Visuals that offers Vibrant colors


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