Google Play Magazines App Updated with New Features

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Google Play offers a number of apps now another useful application is available for you to enjoy your favorite magazines, it doesn’t matter where you are.

There are a large number of magazines available on the internet and google play magazines is free for print subscribers. You can find your favorite magazines and buy them.

The magazines included cooking, technology, sports, politics, entertainment, fashion, travel and many other topics which you like to read on your Android phone.

Before this useful application it was not an easy task to find our favorite magazine now google play magazines list make our job easy. If you want to check this application subscribe it and install it for 15 to 30-day trial and check all its features, and enjoy the app on your Android Smartphone or tablet.

A large number of publishers have offered to Google Play to add this exciting features for their own websites and magazines however, Google offers the similar option with the subscription method.

There are some new features are added in the new version of this Google Play magazine publisher’s application that would Support for future interactivity and the minor bugs fixed by developers with better significant performance.


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