Google Maps Update Brings Offline Maps Button

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Google Maps app was criticized yesterday because of its way of handling the offline maps. A large number of people use this utility application in order to reach their destination without getting lost. Thata??s the reason why company pays immense attention on making this app fully up to date.

a??Today, Google Maps update comes with a convenient method to download offline map caches.a??

All you need to do is to simply tap the search bar and you will see an option stating a??Make this map area available offline.a?? It is good to see that Google has taken a quicker action to update its recently released app. This is what we call responsiveness to a particular situation. Google being the internet monarch knows how to deal with the customers and tackle their problems.

Google maps update now brings offline support

They have said that a??OK Mapsa?? shortcut is not being dismissed, but it will carry on functioning in the upcoming version. The a??Wherea??s Latitudea?? button is now available in the main menu and links to the support page of Google. Most of the users appreciate the addition of new things in the new Google Maps update.

Those who are using the new version of Maps should observe an update to their app this morning. Luckily, now most of us have started to see the hottest Google Maps 7.0. However, we recommend you to check out the Play Store if still the app is not updated on your device.

We Hope you find the newest Google Maps update better for navigation with offline maps support.

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