Google Keep Update Brings Reminders & Google Now Integration

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Google keep update brings several enhancements

Google has itself announced a recent update to their one of the most widely used application. Yes, we are talking about the Google Keep update which is being rolled out all over the world. There are a number of few interesting enhancements that come along with the recent upgrade.

The company announced the update on Wednesday and now people have started receiving it. We have previously discussed the Google Keep in detail and this post is to let you know about the current update. The app now works with Google Now in order to remind users of their grocery list or details. This happens as you walk alongside on of your favorite grocery stores.

The application also nudges a user on Thursday night to destroy the trash. Fairly speaking, those who use Google Keep and Google now will find it pretty awesome to get benefit from both of these apps. This will facilitate to accomplish all the tasks given to you.

If you find it a bit difficult to remember things on the right time, then both of these applications will not be less than a great blessing. There is nothing to worry if you have them because they will remind you everything you need to know.

Although the app has made a tremendous entry and got a big success, yet there are a number of people who have not tried it so far. This is why they cannot be benefited from its useful and creative services. If are one of those who still stay away from the Google Keep update, then do not waste your time anymore and give it a try. People have good opinion about the application as it has made their lives convenient. Get relaxation in your life and have a good way to tackle all the notices.

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