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Google keep to keep you alert

Google Keep is one of the most useful tools available on the app market. This is the right app if you often forget to remember things happening around. The app is one-stop-shop for all the android users because it can provide unlimited user-friendly options.

a??Just like Google now, Google Keep is another great value-added element and expected to be included in all the upcoming Android devices.a??

The product is tied to onea??s Google account via Google Drive. So, you can take pleasure in using the facilitative features with great convenience.

google keep

The user interface of the Google Keep is useful enough to let you utilize all the functions in a proper way. Due to excessive tasks in our daily routine, we need to prioritize them in a sequential order. This could be a complicated task if we start doing this without any constructive tool.

With Google Keep, you can quickly capture whatever hits your mind first and recall it conveniently no matter wherever you are. Make a checklist, enter voice notes or pictures and annotate them. This activity makes your routine very inspirational and encouraging.



Google has always served us with helpful products and apps. This time they have added a wonderful thing to their app collection at Play Store. Everything will be available easily and promptly whenever you add it to devices, mobile and desktop.

Key Features:

  • Transcribe voice notes automatically
  • Keep track of the thoughts through lists, photos and notes
  • Color-code the notes to assist find them later
  • Utilize the home screen widgets to seize the thoughts rapidly
  • Swipe to all the archive things you do not need anymore
  • Add checkboxes and turn notes into checklists with great expediency
  • Use your memos and notes from anywhere around the world. They are securely stored in cloud and available on the internet here.

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