Google Hangouts Finally Updated to Show Online Status

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google hangouts update

Google Hangouts finally receives an imperative update with features that we have been screaming out for. Most Gmail and Google+ users like to stay in touch with their friends and family through GTalk service. However, Hangouts have brought a great revolution in the chatting industry. The feature was good but unavailability of the online status caused too many problems.

You might consider it as a minor thing but in reality it is very significant one. The online status makes a huge difference because it lets you know about the contacts that are currently online or available for chat. In this way, user does not have to come across any difficulty while contacting the required person in his/her contact list.

The Google Hangouts gets a recent update to let you see who is online to chat with you.”

Google Hangouts online status is back!

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I must say that the recent addition is the biggest thing that Google users have ever received. I you remember, this service used to have some of the most exciting things at early stage. GTalk used to organize contacts through online status, putting online users on top. You had also the opportunity to know the online availability of any particular person. This gorgeous feature vanished after Hangouts dominated the Talk. It was something that we all too upset about.

The good news is that the same feature set is back again to bring you more fun chat entertainment. Now you will not have to come across any problematic situation to know the stock status of your Google Hangout contacts. All the online contacts will be marked with green icon while the offline users will be highlighted with gray color.

This will help you to distinguish among online and offline contacts while Google Hangouts. Below is the link to grab this app for your Android device.

Google Hangouts app for Android


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  1. Bill

    12/13/2013, 10:55 am

    Now…if only it would show the status on the list of conversations and not just the “New Hangout” window.


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