Google Chrome for Android Gets Updated

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Google ChromeAndroid phones are perfect for the internet browsing. That’s why most of the users prefer checking their emails, watch videos and browse different web pages through their Android tablets and Smartphone. When it comes to selecting a perfect browser for your Android device, Google Chrome is the name that hits your mind first.

 There are many browsers to run on the android operating system but, Chrome has its special importance due to matchless features and speedy browsing. Some of the people might think that Dolphin, Mozilla or any other browser can work well with the Android OS but, Chrome has the best compatibility with Android. This is because Android and Google Chrome are both the products of Google.

Chrome users will be happy to know that the Chrome for Android has been updated with some bug fixes. The new version of Google Chrome is M18.1 and it is pretty swift as well as attractive. Those who were complaining about the slow YouTube video streaming should forget this problem. Now, you can play the videos on the internet very speedily.

Google ChromeFurthermore, you can download the apps from the Google Play store very quickly and easily. Just tap on the app that you want to grab and this will not take more than a few seconds to download. This is what the android users were looking for.

Stability and security improvements are prominent with the new version of Google Chrome. The updated version facilitates the Android users to use the internet without facing any difficulties. There were few complaints about the browsing using the Google Chrome. However, the improvements have resolved all the previous problems and now you can enjoy smooth internet browsing on the go.

To download the updated version of Google Chrome, simply tap on the Google Play link below.

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