Google Chrome for Android Gadgets

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A browser can be the essence of any android tablet or cell phone. Users mostly spend time on internet surfing while using their android tablets or phones. In order to enjoy great and convenient internet services, you must have a reliable web browser. Google chrome is not a new name in the world of web browsers. It has earned great respect over the last few years both among desktop and android users.

If you are running an android 4.0, you must be using Google Chrome. This desktop browser platform was brought to the android platform some time ago. Since then, it is getting famous among android users. Sometimes it may slower the speed of your android device, yet it is useful for internet browsing.

According to many android users, this browser is going well on their devices and they do not have any problem with it yet. One big bummer about Google Chrome for android is its unsupportiveness for the flash. Many users have found it a big problem but still they are using it due to the attractiveness.

You must know that the flash may never be added to Android’s Google Chrome. Moreover, this browser can be a bit heavier on the devices. Nevertheless, if you are running an android 4.0 or more then there will be nothing cumbersome for you.


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