Google+ AutoAwesome Lets You See What You Posted In 2013

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google plus AutoAwesome

Facebook has an interesting feature to show this yeara??s activities in a beautiful style. FB users are enjoying this right now, but what about other social networks.

Google cana??t stay behind in the race of showing one yeara??s complete activities in an amazing slideshow. Thata??s the reason why Google+ AutoAwesome feature has been introduced to mesmerize usersa?? senses. If you want to see your 2013 in a stylish way, then dona??t forget to check out this cool tidbit.

This is a nice way to wrap up your whole year and see what you have accomplished in the absconding year. I have just tried and it put a big smile on my face, looking at the sweet and pleasant moments that I spent with my friends.

auto awesome

After going through the Facebook a??Year in Reviewa?? feature, ita??s time to check out Google+ AutoAwesome charisma. This year might not be too colorful for you, but the new G+ feature will craft it beautifully to make this yeara??s ending memorable.

Go ahead to update your G+ account if you havena??t because with the latest Google+ updates you will be able to upload videos and photos in a new fashion. The app will let you know once the complete version is ready to share with loved ones.

You do not need to do anything hard because Google will itself sort your uploaded photos and pick the best ones to show on the front-end. On the other hand, you can also select the best of photos and make a stunning slideshow to show your friends. This will be a nice way to end up this year with lots of interesting moments back in mind.

As far as the update notifications are concerned, they are expected to be rolled out in this week or so. Therefore, be meticulous about the forthcoming G+ update.


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