Google+ app Has Been Updated – New Features Included

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An updated Google+ app is available for android Smartphone users on Google Play store. The app is one of the most important things for you if you want to touch with social media activities of your friends and family members.

This Google+ app updated with version 3.2 having some notable features. The owners of different businesses will be able to view post and comment from their Smartphone on their Google+ pages.

There is a people finder feature has been added in this updated version of Google+ app. This feature has ability to access photos from post with one tap. The proviso version of this app has not good features about photo viewing as that version required a series of taps to eventually get into it full screen. However this bug is removed in this updated version.

The users of this app will be able to grab the app can get the app from Google Play store for free.

New Features of Updated Version of Google+ APP:

  • The page of Google+ can be updated with post and comments via Smartphone
  • If you want to find more friends on Google+ the app will be helping you for this purpose
  • A new home screen Widget has been added
  • You can enjoy the magazine style layout
  • Video chat with up to 9 friends
  • Event with Party Mode auto sharing
  • Make a private Google+ album
  • Watch live nearest streaming
  • See trending topics and news
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