Go Weather Forecast Android App Review

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go weather forecast app

There is a bunch of weather apps that you can get from the Play Store, however, picking up the best one could be a question in mind.

The GO Weather forecast android app has arrived the Googlea??s app market and offers features that users have been screaming out for.

Users might not be able to get the most of the weather apps that they are currently using. Thata??s the reason why the go weather forecast which is also known as go weather 5 grasps more chances of being wild popular in a few coming days.

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Many Android users must have been quite familiar with the Go launcher that derived them crazy with the stunning visuals. Nevertheless, now the app comes with redesigned and improved functionalities that you would love to see. Though several interesting tidbits are ready to grab the attention, yet the redesigned user interface is the most happening thing this time around.

The new functions that are promised include the radar maps, weather reports, satellite images and a wide range of widgets making things easier than before. The Ex Go launcher also adds the gravity sensor dynamic background, new font, weather sidebar and some important big fixes that users complained about.

In order to celebrate the release of new Go weather forecast in a splendid way, users can grab the Premium edition of the app for free (from July 4 – 6). The paid version does not show ads and includes precipitation forecast, daily forecast and the 10-day detailed forecast.

Get it for free from Play Store.


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