Foursquare APP Updated Version is Available with Spam Reporting Options

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Foursquare app has been updated by Google Play and now it has many new and useful features as compared to its previous version, it will be good experience for you to use this great app on your Android Smartphone.

Now the updated version of Foursquare app is available on Google Play Store. The app has some features back as the developers continuing the practice of adding some new and improved goodies which will improve your app experience.

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Here are the details of changes in update version of Foursquare:

  • The Points back option is available for check-in detail pages
  • With the use of this app you can bolding out shout-outs
  • You will be able to mentions of friends for check-ins
  • The app has facility to report tips that are spam,
  • Unpleasant or irrelevant via the Tip detail page can remove
  • You can categorize of venue photos

However the changes made by Google Play in Foursquare app are not very huge, but they improved the app is an appreciate able step as the spam reporting tools and the detail pages bugs has been removed in this updated version of Foursquare app.

What you can do with the Foursquare App:

  • You can share and record the areas which you have visited
  • You can get modified suggestion to your friends and family with your experience
  • You can search anything if you have free WiFi to dumplings facility
  • If you want to make a list of experts, celebrities and brands it will be easy for you with this great app


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