FL Studio Android For Music Enthusiasts

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FL Studio Android for your musical needs

FL Studio Android permits you to make and save entire multi-track music projects on Android tablet and phone device. There several great features of this fantastic application that make it distinct from others.

The most amazing thing about the FL Studio Android app is that it can also be easily loaded into a??FL Studio Desktop personal computer versiona??.

In order to take your projects to the next step, this utility can be very beneficial and constructive.


If you are a good musician or want to be, then selecting the FL Studio Android can be a good option. Previously, it was not possible to download and install such applications on your Smartphone or tablet. However, the modern technology had made it quite easier to install your desired musical apps on a Smartphone or any other mobile device


Good music ideas hit our brains rarely and we should not lose those precious ideas.

FL Studio Android Key Features:

  • All the instruments have the complete FL Studio PC counterparts for the FL Studio PC extension.
  • 133 top quality instruments, sliced-loop beats and drum kits
  • Configurable simulated piano-keyboard
  • Ste sequencer for the faster percussion sliced-loop reworking and programming A?
  • Drum pads
  • Volume, release, pan and attack time adjustable per instrument
  • Browser with logical sorting and a preview button, drum kits, loops and Synths.
  • Battery friendly and high quality audio engine
  • 99 track sequencer & intuitive editing options
  • Sliced loops and drum loops ready to begin your project using a cool beat
  • Fantastic effects include Reverb, Amp simulator, Delay, Limiter, Filter and EQ to increase your mix.
  • Edit at different level of tracks or down to individual notes
  • Per-track solo, mute, pan, volume adjustment and effect bus
  • Redo and Undo for all screens that can be edited
  • Piano roll editor for detailed editing of the already recorder performances
  • Metronome with time-signature and tempo settings
  • In-App user manual
  • MIDI file export/import
  • Instinctive positioning of screens
  • Load and save your songs, export to AAC and WAV
  • Android 2.3.3 required
  • Share songs via Dropbox or email
  • Works well with almost all screen resolutions, but the FL Studio Android is optimized for 800×480, 1280×800, 480×320 and 960×640 screens.

You will have to pay $18.68 to purchase this wonderful music application on your Smartphone or tablet.

Download FL Studio Android app from Play Store.


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