Firefox for Android gets a Big Update including NFC Support

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firefox for android updated with NFC and more

Firefox for Android is one of the most widely used web browsers across the globe. There is no dearth of several impressive web browsing platforms for Android devices, yet the majority of users prefer using Firefox. The reason behind this prejudice behavior of people is the ultimate speed and features offered by the browser. Thata??s the reason why everyone likes to access the internet through this particular web browser.

It has been observed over the past few months that the Firefox mostly does not get hefty updates. Instead, some little updates are rolled out to keep it performing well. Another major web browser that gives a very tough competition to Firefox is the Chrome for Android. People like to use it because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Firefox for Android gets an important update today with some exciting features. It will change the way you use this browser to access the World Wide Web.

Here are some of the most prominent features included in the hottest update:

NFC a?? Share Open Tabs with Friends

We have been using NFC with Chrome, but now ita??s good to see that Firefox for Android also grabs the same nice feature. It allows sharing open tabs among your friends. All you need to do is simply tap NFC-enabled device with other and start sending your Firefox website/tab to your buddies.

WebRTC Support

WebRTC is becoming more famous among users due to its wonderful features. Again it has been used with Chrome in the recent days and Firefox is going to grasp. Those who are new to this should know that WebRTC lets your browser connect with various elements in your device such as microphones, cameras and more. You will have a direct access to video conferencing and gaming right from your browser. It can be titled as plug-and-play for browsers as it does not require plugin installations.

Night Modefirefox night mode

Firefox brings a number of small but significant tools with this hottest update. Night mode has also been improved for the better performance and now it really seems good. You will be able to enjoy an enhanced reading experience while reading in the darkness.

Quick Share

Another wonderful improvement this time is quick sharing which makes your life easier. Share websites right from your browsera??s menu without closing it.

Language support has also been added like support for Catalan, Swedish and British.

Is your Firefox for Android updated?

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  1. witson boje

    09/18/2013, 09:47 pm

    it isnt distinctive from the RFID, both are vulnerable technologies and they are skimmable as well, the actual fact is it turns out the the NFC enabled phones into skimming credit card device especially when you are trying to search free apps in android store, its really a scary stuff, i wont prefer it at all but they took a good step which has made the firefox more usable browser.


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