Firefox 16 Beta for Android Releases

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firefox 16 betaFirefox 15 has been serving the Android users for many weeks. People like to use this particular web browser due to its speed, accuracy and reliability. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used net browsers in the internet world. Finally, Firefox 16 has emerged which is quite shocking for all of us.

I think Mozilla needs to make its browser as the monarch of web browsers. That’s why they are releasing latest updates and enhanced versions of the browser. Firefox 16 can be more reliable, speedy and accurate as it contains some of the high-tech features.

Reader Mode

You must be wondering what is new in the Firefox 16 beta. Well, new Reader firefox 16 betamode makes this edition of Firefox famous among Android users. Getting the desired content has become easier for the users due to the efficient search results provided by the Firefox 16 beta.

Now, you will not have to face the difficulties by seeing a lot of junk that comes out when you search for any particular content. You can get the exact results without getting worried about bulk ads. Size of images is also enhanced in order to facilitate the better readability for the users.

You can easily activate the reader of Mozilla Firefox 16 beta by tapping on the Reader icon. This icon can be easily found on the awesome bar.

Share Button

A beautiful share button has been added in order to facilitate the page sharing. You can share the desired web pages with your loved ones simply by tapping on the share button. The location of this button is bottom right and here you can find it very easily.

You can share through the Bluetooth, SMS and email.

Other important changes and improvements in the Firefox 16 Beta are:

  • Opus support
  • Fixed text selection for the static web pages
  • Enhanced javascript responsiveness
  • Unprefixed transitions, Gradients, CSS3 Animations and transforms

Do you want to download the latest Firefox 16 Beta? If yes, click the Google Play download button below.

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