Field Trip App Updated with Some Positive changes

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The field trip is one of the latest place centric applications. Now some changes have been done by the developers of the application. They added a bit of changes in the app and added some new features in this.

This time the app has the ability to walk off with cards and allow to close the notification when you are using Google Navigation you can mute the notifications as well as view card location is also available in the app choose walking option is also existed in the app.

The proviso bugs have been fixed in this updated Field Trip app for android. The new version of the app is able to fix the problems about staying notification for a long time; it can be crushed on some special devices.

Get started your journey with this fantastic early updated app as there is no longer time passed launch the app. So it will be a good experience for you to use this great app on your Android Smartphone.

  • City zoom level
  • Swipe card notification
  • Smartphone silent setting
  • Text to speech option improved
  • Just crashes on a few specific devices
  • Active the navigation and stop notifications
  • Stop the longer notifications after incoming notification
  • Choose walking or driving directions with Navigation button

Make your Smartphone updated with the local history of the latest best places. However Field trip is only for use Smartphones not for tablet devices, but we can expected that in the next days the developers may focus to make it for other E devices other than Smartphone.


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