Facebook Voice Calling Now Coming To US Android Users

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Everyone likes to get connected to his/her loved ones and social media has become the most reliable way to serve this purpose. Different social media sites offer different types of features for the convenience of their users.

Facebook is the monarch of the social media industry as they made a tremendously superb progress during the last few years. Now they are about to offering Facebook voice calling, a new lovable feature for the FB lovers.

However, the Facebook voice calling utility is currently available for the users residing within the United States. This must be a biased behavior adopted by the social media site as the international users of Facebook wona??t be getting the same feature on their Android devices.


Previously, Facebook voice calling on personal computers was not very effective as we used to hear some chilling noises during call time. This gorgeous service now finally makes its way to the United States and the users belonging to this region feeling great on getting the Facebook VoIP calling.

Make unlimited free calls to all of your Facebook friends and never miss a chance to talk with your buddies and family members. This would be a wonderful option for those who live away f their homes and families. Simply hit the call button and enjoy calling for as long as you wish to keep talking to your buddies.

The company claims that the Facebook voice calling will just like the Skype calling service. It means you will not have to face any sort of problematic situation while calling. There would be no noise or anything other disturbing.

The new Facebook voice calling feature will be available through the Facebook messenger app and Facebook home. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the same features without facing any troublesome situation.

Keep checking for the update as it can hit your device any time.


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