Facebook to Aim Advertisements Based On The User ID, Mobile Number And Email

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FacebookThere are various types of social media websites in the world of internet. However, some of them are very popular such as Facebook and Twitter. I would not be wrong if I say that Facebook is the monarch of social media sites.

Almost every internet user is addicted to Facebook and spends some proportion of his/her time on visiting the Facebook pages. Due to the great goodwill, Facebook is also a good source of advertisement for the business concerns.

A large number of advertisers offer a handsome amount of money for advertising their products and services on this social media. It is also true that Facebook earns a larger portion of its revenue from Advertisements.

Facebook – Fun or time wastage

For some of the people, Facebook is nothing but a real waste of time. Many people think that Facebook has been wasting people’s time since 2004. On the other hand, there are lots of Facebook fans who love using this great social media sites.

Facebook New Advertisement Strategy

Recently, Facebook has thought to start the advertisements on their user’s Mobile number, ID and email. This would be a profitable strategy to advertise and earn revenue, says Facebook owners.

Facebook has also confirmed that no additional information would be given to the advertisers other than email, ID and phone number. This may not be very fortunate for the users because they will have to receive messages from various advertisers.

This featured advertisement is not live now but, it is in a private testing. It is expected that this feature would come out soon after successful private testing. This advertisement strategy can be both, beneficial and adverse for the Facebook.

Would you like having this?

It would worth knowing whether you like this sort of advertisement or not. Do not forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comment box appearing below.


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