Facebook App Untag Feature and New Offline usability

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Do you get annoyed when someone tags you in a photo that is not relevant to you?

You must be, because millions of Facebook users feel awkward whenever they see this sort of notifications. The problem gets worse when buddies of your FB friend start commenting on the post that you are tagged in.

How to get rid of this?

It seems you won’t have to come across this problem anymore as now this social media giant has understood the problem and introduced a new Facebook app untag feature. You will be able to untag yourself from the post that you don’t want to follow. This can definitely bring a great convenience into your life.

The hottest Facebook app update can help getting rid of this irritation. Moreover, you will also be able to remove tags even from your own pictures. I must say that the new feature is going to save a lot of people from the awkwardness.

Just to reiterate, another part of the update was arrived back in May. So these upgrades to the application can bring a great ease. One of the best thing that I like the most is that ability like photos, pages and posts even if the internet connection is not available.

On the other hand, users could not be able to like their favorite stuff until the internet connection is restored. Speed enhancements have also been made to the world famous social media app and thus users can enjoy faster socializing on the go. Another great improvement is regarding the post notifications (like toggling off and on). Don’t be upset on where to find the exact download link, simply hit the below link to grab it right away.

Hope you guys will like the Facebook app untag feature plus other new improvements.

Download Updated Facebook App for Android


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