Facebook Android App brings Auto-playing videos to News Feed

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We often like to check back our Facebook feeds in order to get the instant updates from our friends and family members. Today we have come to know about an exciting new thing about this social media king.

a??The Facebook Android App now brings auto-playing videos directly to your news feed.a??

It is good to see that the application is now becoming more data intensive. This world famous social network has announced that they are going to begin testing a dynamic news feed. It means the videos in the news feed will be auto-played as you scroll onto them. This is really great to see that Facebook android app thinks of our convenience. Thata??s the reason why they are dedicated to make news feed user-friendly and easy to navigate.

We must let you know that this is not a new thing coming from around the corner, but this is mostly like videos played on Twitter and Instagram. You should not overlook the important point that auto-playing videos will not have any sound. There is no need to get worried if you do not like the new features because it can easily be disabled as shown in the picture below.

Facebook android app auto play video

On the other hand, if you see a video that you like to watch or listen to then simply tap on it and it will be played in the usual player. Facebook has said that the new feature is going to hit Facebook Android app in the near future. So dona??t be anxious if you cannot see videos auto-playing in your feeds. Some of the users seem in favor of the hottest features while other considers it as in interruption to disrupt their regular feed checking routine. Do write to us by leaving your comments below once you start receiving this feature.

Whata??s your opinion on this newly-revealed video auto-playing feature?


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