Dragons World for Android Brings Your Childhood Back

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dragonsEveryone loves Pets and they play an important role in our routine. People have different sorts of domestic animals at their homes including dogs, cats, hens etc.

Would you like to raise something special?

party dragon

Dragon World for Android lets you raise dragons of various kinds. It is a fun experience to see a young little baby growing into a massive dragon. This is what makes the app somewhat entertaining for the users.

If you like unique experiences in life, then this is a must have app. These beautiful creatures might look dangerous at first glance, but you will start loving them because they are so polite.  Breed exclusive dragon species and feed them for years.


The app provides you a chance to create and develop a fantastic dragon sanctuary on flying islands.


  • Buy new islands to enhance your sanctuary
  • Complete 3D environment and camera rotation
  • Leaderboards and achievements
  • Exchange gifts and visit your friends’ islands
  • Diverse dragons
  • Combats with other players

Several factors are responsible for making Dragons World for Android a wonderful game. Nevertheless, the most inspiring thing for me is the colorful and catchy visuals. I am sure you will fall in love with dramatic graphics presented in a great way.

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