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I am going to be introducing a great app if you are interested in movies and television shows. If you are an Android user and want to watch your favorite TV show on its streaming time but you forget it mostly, now you will never miss it with the great Crackle Movies & TV app for Android Smartphone users.

There are some fine and useful additions will be seen in this new Crackle app for movies and TV updates. Hopefully these additions in the app make your streaming easier and faster on your phone. Some changes are as follows:

  • For a great view a re-designed based on feedback is added in this new version of the app
  • Now a large number of handsets and tablets can be used this app
  • If you were facing any problem in finding your favorite movie of the show now it has become an easier task for you to find it
  • The video quality while streaming has also been improved
  • Now you can watch TV via HDMI out

HDMI option has been added recently to this Crackle app for better video quality and fine live streaming. UI will be helpful for you to find your favorite things in an easy way. Crackle has updated their data lately, so it is possible a good time as any to give it go if you have not completed so previously made the app. The developers made it in June 2012, now after 3 months they updated it with a new style and added many new useful functions in this updated app.


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  1. Edgar Allen

    10/18/2012, 11:34 pm

    Thanks for the news, Androider! I love Crackle; the HDMI out
    is a really cool feature. My only issue with Crackle is that the content doesn’t
    update very often. I prefer the DISH Remote Access app for streaming because I
    can watch live TV as well as content from my Hopper DVR. I showed the app to
    one of my DISH coworkers last week, and convinced them to upgrade their phone
    just so they could use the app.


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