Chrome Beta Android new update Brings Google Translate

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Chrome Beta Android 28 brings google translate service

Chrome Beta Android is now updated to the latest version 28 and brings many new features. It means the Smartphone and tablet users will be able to take pleasure in several new captivating features with new enhanced browsing experience.

a??The most significant addition to the Chrome Beta Android 28.0.500.21 is the accumulation of Google Translate bar.a??

Those who have been suffering from any sort of problem while using their browser now can enjoy the enhanced user experience. The new addition of the Google Translation bar is not different from that you are using on the desktop computer.

Whenever you navigate to a specific web page containing foreign language, your tablet or phone will give you the option to translate that particular page to your native language. So users of mobile devices can also get the desired information without any language or communication conflicts.

This is a big improvement to make the internet as a home place for every web user. Moreover, the Chrome Beta Android 28 brings full screen mode to Android tablets and perfect support for the full screen API. The browser also comes with an attractive new graph to show the bandwidth savings while utilizing the new data compression mode of the browser.

There must be other important bug fixes to make the performance of the Chrome Beta Android better. Other famous web mobile browsers can also be good for using the internet on your tablet or Smartphone, but Chrome has an exclusive importance due to its user-friendly UI and convenient web browsing. Well, a user can select any browser based on his/her interests and requirements.

You can find the complete Changelog on the Chromium Project website.

If you still haven’t downloaded the Chrome beta Android, hit the download button appearing below to grab it from for free.

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