Chrome and Firefox Beta Versions for Android Updated

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Chrome and Firefox beta both are the most famous web browsers of modern times. People like to browse the internet and serve their purposes through these useful web tools. Lovers of these two browsers must be very happy today.

a??Chrome and Firefox for android have been updated with important tweaks and performance improvements.a??

The Firefox beta for android is updated with open source fonts Open Sans and Charis that replace the default font in this particular browser. The hottest addition will definitely give you a clear and obvious reading experience. This will also be visually appealing for the Android users.

If you frequently use the internet through your Android Smartphone or tablet, then never forget to update the existing version to a new one. The latest update also brings a little HTML 5 compatibility nips. Chrome and Firefox both provide a great helping hand to the web surfers.

Not only the mobile version, but the desktop edition of the browser is also been updated with lots of improvements. Now you can re-open the previously closed tabs with great ease. This is a very useful feature that brings your accidently closed work back.

Now come to the hottest Chrome 27 beta which offers faster page loading after getting updated to the new version. A?Some changes have been made in resource scheduler, code that takes great care of order in which CSS, JavaScript, HTML and other important things like pictures are loaded in the browser.

It would worth mentioning that the new version of the resource scheduler has become more aggressive and utilizes an idle connection for preloading images. Verily, Chrome and Firefox beta versions for android now provide the web content in a better way so that you will not have to come across any difficulty.

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