BMI Calculator for Android

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BMI Calculator for Android

It is very important to maintain a good health because an unfit person cannot take part in healthy activities of life. BMI Calculator allows you to maintain the fitness without disturbing your routine.

Easily calculate and track your BMI using the authentic BMI Calculator and weight tracker. It is not a difficult job to check your fitness level because this particular Android app makes it very easy. Enter your weight and height in the calculator and know what is your health stage.

You can also save the results to begin tracking your body mass index. Save it in your personal notes with date to use again in future. In this way, you will be able to remember the date of calculating your BMI. Check your development with the BMI chart and Weight Chart as well.

weight chart

Log history

To achieve the target of getting a perfectly shaped body, you need to set a weight goal. Save it in your mind and watch progress on the chart. This really makes it easy to maintain a good health.

Key features:

  • Calculate BMI using 2 units available: ft/in/lb or cm/kg
  • Save BMI using the personal note
  • Edit time and date of BMI stored or add notes like “weighed in the evening before run”
  • View BMI Chart and Weight Chart
  • Check out the history of the BMI saved
  • Set your weight goal and view your target on the chart
  • Change the date period of log history for modified development tracking
  • Import/Export your BMI data simply as CSV file

The Body Mass Index is actually an index acquired by measuring the height relative to weight. You should keep in mind that it really does not measure the actual percentage of the body fat. There is no use of gender or age in this particular tool and the BMI displayed is only for the informational purpose.

Use the BMI Calculator to know about your health stage.

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