Beat the Beast with Strategy & Action

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beat the beasts and enjoy in stunning 3D environment

Beat the beast is an outstanding action game with stunning 3D environments. Unique 3600  gameplay and HD graphics can be the best source of entertainment for any game lover. This is going to be a perfectly new experience in the world of video games.

Do you want to enjoy in a gorgeous fairy world?

If yes, then beat the beast could be the righteous choice for you. Easily utilize the huge arsenal of towers, your strategic skills & wisdom and magic powers to defend the gate of kingdom. In order to do this all, you will have to beat up the beasts who are willing to destroy your peaceful world.

Beat the Beast Features:

  • Matchless 360 degree gameplay
  • 5 basic towers (Thunder, Hammer, Magic house, Catapult and Arbalet)
  • Impressive 3D environments and high-definition Graphics
  • 3 Various world (Forest, Pyramid and Desert)
  • 3 Game Modes ( Survivor, Campaing & Courageous) that would challenge your strategic skills
  • Entirely fresh experience in the mobile video games.
  • 4 magic powers ( Black hole, Haunt, Soul extractor and Magic Car)
  • No Ads
  • Hours of interesting gameplay
  • 14 different types of beasts each with special skills

It seems quite harder to find such lovely features in any other app. That’s the reason why beat the beasts is getting famous dramatically across the globe. People can have wonderful time by playing this unique action game.

The app is not confined up to mature people, but everyone can take pleasure from it without any age or demographic restrictions. Let me remind you that beat the beasts is not a free app and you need to pay a nominal amount of $0.99 to make this your own.

Well, the fee is not too high if we analyze the ultimate entertainment provided by this delightful game.

beat the beasts free download


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