Battle Tower for Android Action Lovers

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Battle towers for android action lovers

Battle Tower is among one of the most action-filled entertainment packages available on the Google Play Store. We all like to play games because they provide a wonderful entertainment in our leisure. Although there are several types of fun games available on the Google paly store, yet we focus only on those apps that can deliver the best amusement beyond expectations.


A delicate world is facing the everlasting conflict among two different nations: Chaos and Order. Each and every day is full of struggle and you need to keep on struggling until the final results come out.


Do you have desire to conquer?

If yes, then Battle tower is the right kind of game for you. There was a time when both of these nations lived very happily by joining hands together. However, peace never remains constant. Immoral actions can make you feel a little bit awkward, but try to be straightforward and loyal to the nation.


Those who are kind-hearted must stay away from this because it’s a job of those who can face critical situations without getting nervous. Every nation has separate unique buildings, units and spells.


The Chaos is really unruly and wild. Only courageous people can handle the uncontrollable circumstances as such wild nation can do anything harm.

Now everything is in your hands and you can feel free to do whatever you consider proper. However, do not go wild, but try to handle the situation with sharp mind. There is no need to ponder upon about the gameplay because it is very convenient even for the starters.


Check out prominent features of the Battle Tower!

  • Neat 3D visuals
  • Delicate balance among defense and offence.
  • Simple Controls
  • Upgradable buildings and warriors
  • Equally pleasurable on tablet devices and Smartphones.


Battle Tower for Android is absolutely free and you can download it anytime without spending even a single penny. Simply install the game and join thousands of other players.

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